Euro Fireplaces are a Sure-fire Solution!

by Christine Bernardo March 24, 2020

Euro Fireplaces are a Sure-fire Solution!

It's no secret that Euro Fireplaces are truly 'the future of wood heating' because we have told you enough times that it is.

Dress Your Space Geelong are now in the third year of selling these remarkable wood heaters as an exclusive stockist and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Our sales have increased year on year and the customer feedback we have received truly does cement that they do in fact do, what we say they do!!

In a recent follow up to our customers that have purchased a Euro Fireplace at DYS Geelong, we found that they were more than completely satisfied with their choice in wood heater purchase and would highly recommend them to their friends and family.

Here is just some of the awesome feedback we received....

"We are amazed at the amount of heat our wood heater puts out around the home, we are absolutely wrapped...very impressed and everyone comments on it."

"Michael was very knowledgeable and very helpful in choosing the right heater for our home, great service!"

"Best thing we ever did, was not my decision but my partner's and we love it."

"Closest wood heater in Australia that can match the European designs aesthetically."

"We are so surprised at how our wood heater burns so efficiently and cleanly that after two winters we have not yet had to clean it."

"Our wood heater burns half as much wood for double the heat, great for adding warmth and ambience to our home."

"We purchased ours a couple of years ago as our reverse cycle split system was just not warm enough in our surf coast winters...we can't believe our luck in finding your product which has fitted perfectly in our home and provided us with such a comfortable and cosy warmth, not to mention the simple pleasure of watching glowing coals.  An unforeseen bonus has been the quiet warmth without the noise (and cost) of a fan...we just can't wait to light it when the weather turns chilly"

Euro Fireplaces are a Sure-fire Solution!Euro Fireplaces are a Sure-fire Solution!Euro Fireplaces are a Sure-fire Solution!

Our most popular Euro Fireplace Models are The Falun, The Andorra (including Andorra Exclusive) & Olbia.

Here is a highlight of the features across these models:

  • Coal retention with correct operation is 6-7+ hours
  • Low wood consumption (1.8kg to 2kg per hour at medium burn)
  • Low emissions (0.8g to 1.5g per hour)
  • Highly efficient
  • Heating capacity of 170-240sqm (Olbia 200-280sqm)
  • Subtle door and control system handles
  • Simple air flow control system
  • Works by natural convection so no electricity for a fan needed
  • Optional heat bank available at an additional cost
  • Made by Haas + Sohn AND THORMA, Europe’s leaders in manufacturing of clean technology and high quality wood heaters
  • 5 year warranty covered by Euro Fireplaces

So if you are looking to install a wood heater or replace an existing fireplace, visit one of the DYS team in store (174 Torquay Road, Grovedale) for a consultation or alternatively browse our Euro Fireplace Geelong range online. Member of the Home Heating Association.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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