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Choosing the Right Bayliss Rug for Your Space

by Christine Bernardo June 26, 2023

Bayliss rugs

Rugs play a crucial role in transforming a house into a home, adding warmth, style, and comfort to any space. When it comes to high-quality rugs, Bayliss is a name that stands out. Here, we'll help you navigate the world of rugs and provide tips on selecting the appropriate choice for each space within your home. Allow Dress Your Space to introduce you to Bayliss rugs!

Considering Location

Start by considering the space where you want to place the rug. Is it a high-traffic area like the living room or hallway? Or is it a more intimate space like the bedroom or office? Understanding the purpose and traffic flow of the space will help you determine the appropriate rug material, size and style.

Why Size Matters

It is important to have a good idea of the size your new rug will occupy. Determine the desired position which will dictate size. Consider the fact that you don't want it to be too big, but you do want it to extend beyond a coffee table or the front legs of furniture. In the bedroom, a rug can be placed under the bed with enough space on all sides to create a comfy feel.

Made of the Right Stuff

Bayliss rugs are crafted from high-quality materials, each with its unique characteristics. For high-traffic areas, consider durable materials like wool or synthetic blends that are easy to clean and maintain. In low-traffic areas, you can opt for luxurious materials like silk or viscose for a touch of elegance.

Colour Your Space

Rugs offer an opportunity to infuse colour and personality into a room. Choose colours and patterns that reflect your style and create the desired mood. Solid rugs can create a calm and neutral base, while bold patterns or textured designs can add vibrancy and visual interest to the space.

Go With Your Gut

You know what you like better than anybody else. When selecting a Bayliss rug, trust your instincts. The whole idea of decorating is to reflect your own personality. If a particular rug catches your eye, it might be for you. If it feels good, do it!

Dress Your Space offers among the greatest range of quality Bayliss rugs on sale in Australia. Check out our stylish and extensive range or get in touch today!

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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