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Accessorising Your Outdoor Lounge Chair Set for Maximum Comfort and Style

by Christine Bernardo August 07, 2023

outdoor lounge chair

An outdoor sofa is not just a place to sit — it's an opportunity to create a stylish and inviting outdoor oasis. By adding the right accessories, you can transform your lounge set into a snug and fashionable space that reflects your personality. Here, Dress Your Space introduces you to a few ways to accessorise your outdoor lounge set for maximum chic and comfort.

Pillows and Cushions

Add a pop of colour and comfort with an array of plush pillows and cushions. Mix and match different patterns, textures, and sizes to create an inviting atmosphere. Look for outdoor-specific cushions and pillows made from fabrics that are durable and resistant to fading.

Light It Up

Up the ambience your outdoor loungers offer with creative lighting solutions. Hang string lights overhead for a whimsical feel, place lanterns on side tables for a warm glow, or disguise practicality as style by installing solar-powered pathway lights.

Do You Need a Rug?

Anchor your outdoor lounge set with a statement rug. Choose a bold pattern or vibrant colour to infuse personality into your space. A quality rug not only adds style but also creates a defined area within your outdoor setting.

Bring the Noise

Sure, be considerate, or just don’t tell your neighbours we told you to, but outdoor speakers help dictate the mood. A lively party can come to life with a portable Bluetooth speaker. Likewise, the ambience is assured with a dedicated outdoor speaker system.

Privacy Curtains

Create a sense of privacy and add an element of style with outdoor curtains or privacy screens. These can provide shade, block out unwanted views and give your lounge set a touch of elegance and intimacy.

Gimme Shelter

Shades are a must. Instant Shade Aurora umbrellas satisfy that need with an unmatched side of style. They enjoy a high wind rating and can be positioned at unlimited angles to protect you from harmful UV as you and your guests relax in your comfy outdoor lounge.

Dress Your Space makes accessorising your outdoor sofa set in Geelong more fun than it probably should be! Check out our stylish range of outdoor sofa sets and accessories and get in touch. Find your new outdoor sofa here!

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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