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Outdoor Cushions


Our cushions are a fun and fabulous way to accentuate your outdoor furniture style. Cushions transform a drab outdoor patio or outdoor space to a vibrant, cosy and inviting seating space in an instant. Whether your décor is bold and colourful or muted and natural, outdoor cushions come in a variety of styles and colours that suit your aesthetic and lifestyle.

You can find modern designs or traditional patterns and shapes depending on the style and theme of your outdoor setting. You can easily wash and dry your outdoor cushions without worrying about fading and tearing. Best of all, cushions breathe life into your patio or outdoor living space, enhancing every seat or pulling your outdoor look together.

Outdoor cushions add a touch of personality and flair to your outdoor space. Made of durable fabrics to withstand harsh temperatures and the elements, you can brighten up your outdoor area without worrying about damage to your cushions. Even if they’re out in the sun, their UV-resistant material won’t become dull or faded. 

Shop the wide range of Outdoor & Indoor Cushions at Dress Your Space.  Cushions add a little extra styling touch to your indoor and outdoor furniture and comfort. Shop in store or online.  Fast Shipping Australia Wide.

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