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Nardi Chairs

Nardi chairs are designed from lightweight, durable and recyclable polypropylene for outdoor environments. Cheerful and comfortable, the bright colours and modern design of Nardi patio furniture can be matched with other versatile pieces in the Nardi outdoor furniture range. Nardi chairs can be used in locations as varied as your garden terrace, restaurant, bar, patio, or beach-house and they come in many attractive colours. Nardi patio furniture from Dress Your Space is UV resistant and comes with a 4 year home warranty or 2 year commercial warranty. Our outdoor furniture store delivers Nardi chairs and outdoor furniture in Geelong and Australia wide.


Nardi Outdoor Furniture Geelong

Nardi chairs are designed and manufactured in Italy. They are created from 100% recyclable polypropylene resin. This material is non-toxic, anti-static and resistant to environments with moistness and salt in the air, such as coastal areas. Nardi outdoor furniture is built to last, even in some of the most challenging weather conditions in Australia.

Nardi’s outdoor furniture store and manufacturing facilities are based in Chiampo, Italy. The company is focused on producing attractive, quality products that aim to improve people’s lives. This ethos is built into the high standard of design, the top quality raw materials used, and their environmentally sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable Nardi Patio Furniture

Nardi chairs, part of the outdoor furniture set, are made from a durable polypropylene material that is uncontaminated by other materials. This means it can be separated by colour, reprocessed, and recycled. Nardi has specifically geared its production chain towards sustainability in the following ways:

  • The energy used to create the chairs is solar powered
  • The water used in the production process is not contaminated with chemicals
  • The plant does not emit polluting gases or smoke into the environment
  • Plastic production waste is reintroduced back into the production cycle so there is no wastage
  • The cardboard boxes used for packaging are made of 75% or more of recycled fibres.

Nardi’s outdoor chairs are a quality addition to your outdoor furniture set. Browse our wonderful chair colours, and purchase your new Nardi chair online at Dress Your Space today.