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Nardi Tables

Modern, bright, and built to last, a Nardi table is a perfect centrepiece to your outdoor furniture set. Our outdoor tables come in many attractive sizes and styles to suit your garden, restaurant, or outdoor living space. Nardi outdoor furniture utilises UV resistant, sustainable polypropylene, offering your outdoor furniture set durability in all weather conditions. Dress Your Space offers a 4 year residential warranty or 2 year commercial warranty on our Nardi outdoor furniture. Nardi tables and Nardi patio furniture are available for pickup from our outdoor furniture store in Geelong or ordered online for Australia-wide delivery.

Nardi Outdoor Furniture Geelong

Nardi tables are available in a variety of sizes and styles. We offer small cafe tables, longer tables, and extension tables from our outdoor furniture store to suit your needs and your outdoor space. Many Nardi tables feature sustainable polypropylene, which is made using environmentally friendly production processes. 

Coordinate Your Outdoor Furniture Set With Matching Chairs

Nardi offers a variety of comfortable and colourful modern polypropylene chairs to complement our outdoor tables. Mix or match colours to get your perfect outdoor furniture set from our outdoor furniture store. Nardi products are made using polypropylene, a lightweight resin that is durable, non-toxic, anti-static and resistant to saline environments, which makes it robust in all weather conditions.

Sustainable Nardi Patio Furniture

Our Nardi outdoor furniture is made in Italy. Nardi has won many design awards for its well designed and sustainably made contemporary outdoor furniture including the Adi Design Index, the Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Award and the Green Good Design Award. Nardi produces attractive quality products with a high standard of design using environmentally sustainable production methods. Some of these include:

  • Powering the Italian production plant with solar
  • Not contaminating water sources
  • Not creating polluting gas or smoke emissions
  • Reincorporating polypropylene waste back into the production cycle for reduced wastage
  • Using 75% or more recycled fibre cardboard in packaging materials
  • Using 100% recyclable polypropylene material in construction

Nardi’s outdoor tables are a quality addition to your outdoor furniture set. Browse our wonderful colours, and purchase your new Nardi table online at Dress Your Space today.