Why Good Quality Outdoor Furniture Covers are a Must

by Christine Bernardo May 16, 2022

Big table covered against of rain stands at wooden terrace.

Furniture covers help you to protect your outdoor furniture, whether it’s for your front porch sun lounger, your patio dining table or your egg chair by the pool. Here in Geelong, we can get pretty interesting seasonal weather and here at Dress Your Space, we know how imperative outdoor chair covers and outdoor table covers can be in protecting your high-quality furniture. Shop high-quality outdoor furniture covers today and find peace of mind in the next storm. 

Protect Your Sun Loungers with Outdoor Chair Covers

Outdoor chair covers for your sun loungers are perfect for poolside. When the heavy rain hits, you don’t want your chair to be damaged. Although the material may be waterproof, long exposure to rain or hail can reduce the quality of your chairs over time and that’s why chair covers are an absolute lifesaver for your outdoor space. If you have a super comfy egg chair outside on your balcony or by the pool, the experts here at Dress Your Space also have an outdoor chair cover for these.

Protect Your Dining Table with Outdoor Table Covers

Recently invested in a fancy dining table set with accent chairs, perfect for entertaining? Don’t let the rain ruin your parade, simply invest in an outdoor table cover! These bad boys not only protect from the hail, wind and rain, but they also stop pesky bugs and wildlife from getting on your fancy table. Keep the spiders and the possums at bay and protect your furniture outdoors, as well as indoors. 

Shop Outdoor Furniture Covers in Geelong

Feel free to call the team at Dress Your Space on 03 5244 1720 to learn more about our furniture covers. Alternatively, you can contact us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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