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What Style of Rug to Choose to Complement Your Room's Look

by Christine Bernardo August 08, 2022

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From the elegance of a Persian rug to the warmth of thick wool, a rug can add multiple layers of style and comfort to your home. Choosing the right rug to fit your room is an important part of interior decorating and can either tie a room together, or completely ruin the flow and aesthetic. With an endless array of designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes, choosing the right rug can seem like a daunting task. In this article, Dress Your Space will give you some tips on how best to choose the right style of rug to complement your room's look, while also explaining how we can help with our variety of rugs for sale online and in our Geelong store.

Where are You Placing Your Rug?

The first thing to think about is where in the house you will be placing your rug. Does the area have a lot of foot traffic? Do you have kids or pets? What are the colours within the room? Many factors affect what type of rug you should buy. If you do have kids or pets, it is a good idea to buy a durable and easy to wash rug. Wool or a synthetic blend are great materials for this, as they are easy to clean and maintain. Choosing a dark-coloured rug will also help you hide dirt and stains.

What Size Do You Require?

A small rug in a large room may look out of place. Similarly, a large rug in a small room may look awkward. Choosing the right size for the room will complement the look and feel of the space. Take into consideration the other furniture in the room and always measure before you buy!

Colour and Pattern

Be sure to take a thorough inventory of your room's interior before you go rug shopping. Taking note of the colour tones and patterns of the furniture in your room will help you choose the right colour and pattern for your rug. If you have a patterned couch, a neutral and solid coloured rug will work best. Alternatively, if your room is filled with neutral colours and few patterns, a louder and more colourful rug may look best.

Dress Your Space: How We Can Help

At Dress Your Space, we have the best stocked rugs store in Geelong. With a variety of patterns, styles, and designs, we are sure to have the right rug to suit your home. For the best rugs Geelong has to offer, check out our store or check out our rugs for sale online.

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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