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What Materials are Best for an Outdoor Furniture Set?

by Christine Bernardo September 26, 2022

A rattan patio set including a sofa, a table and a chair on a wooden deck in the sunny garden.

From the salty sea air and bitter winter cold to the soaring summer heat, Australian climates can present many challenges to outdoor furniture. The key to choosing furniture that will maintain its beauty and withstand the elements comes down to the choice of materials and the quality. At Dress Your Space, we supply great outdoor furniture Geelong homeowners love. Here are our tips on choosing the right materials for the outdoors.

Sun Exposure

Does your outdoor furniture set need to be able to withstand the sun, wind, and rain? Avoid plastic, cheaper metals and lightweight wicker furniture, as these will degrade quickly unless in an enclosed and protected area. Outdoor loungers made from aluminium and high-quality timber are good options when it comes to long lasting durability.

Choose outdoor fabric designed to withstand Australia’s climate and resist degradation and fading. Stick to neutral colours and textures, especially if they’re consistently in the sun, to reduce obvious fading. If your outdoor furniture doesn’t get shade, consider how hot it may get on a summer’s day. While durable, compact laminate or metal for example may get too hot to sit on.

Coastal Air

Low quality metal in coastal conditions will rust and corrode. Ensure you opt for rust-proof, powder-coated aluminium for a tough, long lasting outdoor furniture material. When it comes to timber, teakwood provides excellent qualities for withstanding coastal climates.

Teak is wind resistant and handles water exposure well, while aging beautifully over time. It also doesn’t hold heat like metal. For cushioning, look for woven materials that are suited to coastal areas like sunbrella fabrics, which are durable, breathable and resistant to UV damage and mildew.

Rainy Weather

Look for quality outdoor furniture made of stainless steel or aluminium with rust-resistant hardware to increase durability in cold, wet climates. Look for cushions that feature quick-dry foam inside and durable fabrics that resist mould. If it’s forecasted to rain for days and there are no sunny days to dry up the water, it’s best to pack soft furnishings away to extend their lifespan, or position them so water runs off.

Outdoor Furniture Store in Geelong

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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