Tips for a Perfect Home Office - Dress Your Space

Tips for a Perfect Home Office

by Christine Bernardo April 22, 2020

Tips for a Perfect Home Office

Have you found yourself suddenly working from home?  Unprecedentedly, many of us are forced to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  How do you make a space in your home a safe and productive work area?

A few things to consider...

You can choose to find a nook, dedicated room or convert a bedroom into a shared study space.  Whatever you decide, you will need to first and foremost find a desk that fits the space, this can be challenging.  Get the measurements and take a look at all the options available online. 

If you have limited space, choose a narrow size desk that is multi-functional , with built in drawers.  Desks with a hutch or shelfs/drawers are great for keeping your space efficient and organised.  Alternatively you can invest in an additional shelf if space permits.  DYS have a great quality desk for small spaces, the Luca Desk.

If you are lucky to have a lot of space, an L shaped desk or a long desk can offer comfort and space for your computer, storage, accessories and a spacious work space all in one.  It may even provide extra space for those with kids having do to online learning at home.

Having to improvise at your kitchen table or bench?  Take a look at office chairs or even a stylish dining chair (these have been really popular with DYS for a different look) that provide you with the right ergonomic support, the last thing you need is to do some damage to your muscles and spine.  Some bar stools provide a high back with support and will do the job, providing you have a good footrest for comfort.

How to Dress Your Office Space?

Indoor plants, either the real or the faux sort, provide a calming effect, purify the air (if real) and create a fresh mood.  Add a vase with fresh flowers if you have some in the garden to save cost and to mix it up!

Desk Lamps are great for adding extra light in rooms lacking natural light, whilst candles and diffusers are great to provide wonderfully unique scents to improve our mood or help ease stress!

Add a little bit of luxury to your work day with a beautiful rug.  An office rug can help add some cosiness and warmth underfoot that will help keep you working productively through the winter months!  Give your office space some ambience and character with a rug to suit your space!  Take a look at our extensive range of rugs to suit all interiors.

Be safe and remember to take those well deserved breaks and stretches, set up your desk space ergonomically, either follow your prescribed OHSE workplace guidelines or take a look at the number of youtube clips for further advice.



Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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