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Things to consider when buying PU or Genuine Leather furniture..

by Christine Bernardo April 09, 2020

Things to consider when buying PU or Genuine Leather furniture..

There is no question that introducing Leather into your space will add warmth, depth and elegance.  Leather pieces are timeless and can be a neutral feature used to add texture into your outdoor space.

Are you a little confused about the difference between PU Synthetic Leather and Genuine Leather? 

When it comes to purchasing outdoor bar stools / dining chairs, arm chairs or outdoor lounges, here are a few things you should know which could help in your decision making.

PU (Poly) Synthetic Leather is a man made material that will represent the look and feel of Genuine Leather but in fact is not.  PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer.  100% PU leather is completely artificial and is considered vegan.  

PU material can have a more glossy appearance and is generally far less thicker than real leather. Grooves are mechanically pressed into the material to give it that real leather look. This material for the most part is waterproof and easily cleaned or maintained. If you are on a tight budget, have a growing family for example, this material is the way to go. It's about half the cost of real leather products and will still look awesome in your home. 

Genuine Leather is often more expensive due to the fact that only the very top quality of hides are used.  The added expense also means that it will wear a lot better over time, it will be softer, have a nice natural scent  Whilst Genuine leather has a certain character about it especially if it natural leather, some PU can come really close to the look and there really are some great furniture designs in PU leather. 

Leather is easy to maintain, and more resistant to dirt and stains than fabric upholstery, making them a great choice for families with children or high-traffic areas such as hotels and office spaces — periodic dusting with a soft, dry cloth should be sufficient for day-to-day maintenance.

Initially, it might be difficult to tell the difference between PU Leather and Genuine leather, but after some time you’re sure to tell the difference between them. 

How to tell if it is PU or Genuine Leather?

  • Check the label or the tag on the product.
  • The label should describe what type of leather if Genuine or PU.  PU can also be labelled as Bicast, Split, Reconstituted, Bonded & Corrected Grain Leather.
  • Smell - does it smell natural and musty like Genuine leather or more like plastic/chemicals/adhesive which is more like PU leather
  • The price tag - if it is considerably cheap then it is likely to be PU leather as opposed to Genuine leather.

Choosing which Leather to choose for your furniture is really a personal choice which can essentially come down to budget and personal circumstances.

Let us at Dress Your Space help you with making your choice, drop in or contact us for a consultation regarding our furniture collection.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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