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The Future of Woodheating- Euro Fireplaces

by Christine Bernardo February 11, 2019

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Sadly summer is nearly over and it's time to start thinking about your home heating solution for Autumn/Winter.

If you are in the market for a new heating solution or looking to upgrade, you must take a look at our amazing range of Euro Fireplaces...they will be sure to have you singing 'it's getting hot in here' in no time at all!!

Euro Fireplaces are designed and manufactured in Europe by leading German & Austrian heater manufacturers Thorma and Haas+Sohn. Euro Fireplaces have brought into the market beautifully designed wood heaters, using the latest technologies, combining advanced systems such as fresh air intake, heat bank, natural convection and healthy heat release through radiant heat.

Operating by natural convection, the most efficient method of wood heating, correct operation will reduce wood usage by up to 60% compared to a traditional Australian wood heater.  Convection allows Euro Fireplaces to move warm air throughout your house with the need for an electric fan.

This is aided by heat bank in form of ceramic or soapstone finish as well as optional heat storage bricks which will retain heat for many hours even after the fire has gone out, providing a clean, prolonged burn.  A fresh air intake system, available on most Euro Fireplaces, allows the heater to draw air needed from combustion from outside, resulting in an even more efficient burn that does not rely on oxygen from inside the house.

Euro Fireplaces truly is the future of wood heating:

  • Optimised for both Australian wood and heating conditions
  • Euro Fireplaces burns clean and efficient, below the current wood heating emissions target for Australia
  • Reduced wood usage by up to 60%, economical to both your pocket and the environment!
  • Designer looking fireplaces, available in traditional or contemporary designs
  • Long reach airflow into your home using natural convection
  • Heat bank provides clean, healthy overnight heating
  • Clean in every way - little ash, clean glass, clean flue & clean environment
  • User friendly, elevated fire box makes stoking easier while providing an enhanced view of your fire
  • Warranty period of 48 months, well above standard warranty of 24 months

It's not hard to see why we, at Dress Your Space, choose to be an exclusive stockist of Euro Fireplaces. Please read our Q&A for further information.

Please visit us in store or contact us to discuss how we can help you find the right Fireplace to warm up your Space.  Alternatively, shop Euro Fireplaces online at DYS.

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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