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Our top Tips for Safety & Maintenance of Wood Heaters

by Christine Bernardo September 16, 2019

Our top Tips for Safety & Maintenance of Wood Heaters

Is there anything better than wood heating?!  Whilst there are many wonderful consumer and environmental benefits for installing and running a wood heater, the key to clean and efficient wood heating is not just installing an efficient wood heater, but operating and maintaining the heater correctly. 

Regularly maintaining your wood heater is paramount for efficiency and equally important is ensuring safety for you and your family around your wood heater through the cooler months.

Below are our top tips to help you ensure the maintenance & safety around your wood heater:

  • Have your flue cleaned regularly by your local chimney sweep
  • Avoid flue fires by minimising creosote and resin build-up
  • Make a habit to look outside and check your flue for smoke
  • If smoking excessively, you are wasting fuel, heat and may be causing unnecessary emissions
  • If you have children a fireplace guard is always a good precaution
  • Always ensure you have a working smoke alarm in your house 
  • Never put clothes to wood fires
  • Never use petrol, oil or kerosene to help light the fire

For further helpful tips please visit Australian Home Heating Association website.

If you require maintenance or assistance with servicing your wood heater we recommend contacting Geelong Chimney Sweep.

Feel free to contact or visit the team at Dress Your Space if you have any queries or to explore our great range of super efficient and stylish range of Euro Fireplaces, the future of wood heating as well as our great range of Fireplace Accessories.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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