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La Niña Forecasted For Third Year In A Row in Geelong

by Christine Bernardo December 06, 2022

Ceramic pot with succulents on the garden table outside on the patio in the late summer rain.

In September 2022, the Bureau of Meteorology declared we are in the third La Niña in a row, bringing wetter than average conditions across Australia’s east and north. Three of these climate markers in a row is an unusual event, meaning households must potentially prepare for increased flood risk along with mould issues and damage from heavy rainfall.

At Dress Your Space, we can help you prepare for a rainy Spring and Summer with a range of Nardi outdoor furniture in Geelong that can withstand wet conditions. It’s just one of the ways to prepare your home for La Niña, which we explore below.

Fighting Moisture and Mould

Preparation and prevention are key to preventing moisture and mould related issues in your home during La Niña. Invest in a dehumidifier, find and detect any leaks, keep your gutters clear and keep your home well ventilated by keeping your windows open on dry days.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Furnishings

Opt for Nardi patio furniture made from durable materials like aluminium, teak or polypropylene resin wicker. These allow you to decorate your outdoor spaces to create a modern and elegant feel while avoiding issues like peeling, swelling and rotting that may occur from wet conditions. Cheap fabrics are easily damaged by the elements and are prone to stains and mould. Investing in waterproof cushions and covers such as Sunbrella fabrics is a must.

Add Protection With an Outdoor Umbrella

With instant shade umbrellas, you can ensure continued functionality to your outdoor spaces during rainy weather while providing additional protection to your outdoor furniture. A durable, compact, convenient outdoor umbrella allows for fast access protection from the elements with a simple pulley system. A tilt shade umbrella provides further flexibility to angle the umbrella for greater control over weather protection with a 60km per hour wind rating.

Nardi Outdoor Furniture from Dress Your Space in Geelong

Explore the range of Nardi patio furniture and instant shade umbrellas available at Dress Your Space. You can find premium Nardi outdoor patio furniture and much more at our showroom on Torquay Road, Grovedale. You can also make online purchases with fast, affordable delivery. Call us today on 03 5244 1720 or contact us online for more information.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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