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Keeping Your Fireplace Burning Longer and Hotter

by Christine Bernardo July 04, 2022

Keeping Your Fireplace Burning Longer and Hotter

A fireplace is a rustic, unique and aesthetically pleasing heating option for your home. Nothing reminds us more of winter than the idea of sitting around the fireplace with your family and a glass of red in your hand. One of the few downsides to fireplaces, however, is that they take some effort to first get them started, as well as to keep them burning effectively. There are a few very easy tips and tricks that you can try to increase how long your fire burns for, as well as keeping it hot enough to efficiently warm the room. Here, Dress Your Space will talk about a few of these tips and show you how easy they are to do, without specific fireplace tools or fireplace accessories.

Warm the Chimney

If there is cold air trapped in the upper area of the chimney, it can push down onto the fireplace and prevent the waste air produced from the fire from escaping. This then prevents fresh air from being sucked into the fire, which stops it from burning. An easy way of heating the chimney up is to simply light some newspaper and hold it above the fireplace. Once you see the smoke rising upwards into the chimney, there is correct airflow.

Burn Dry Wood

If you wish to build a fire that lasts a long time and maintains a high heat, it is vital that you use wood with a low moisture content. Wet wood is extremely hard to light, and even if you can light it, it will likely smoulder and eventually go out.

Use Room Temperature Wood

If you are taking wood from outside during winter, it will likely be rather cold. Cold wood requires more energy to be a combustible temperature, making it harder to start burning and harder to continue burning. If you have a firewood shed or spot indoors to place your firewood, this will help.

Keep Your Fire Burning Hot with Little Effort

As you can see from these tips, there are very simple ways that you can keep your fire burning longer and hotter. Although fireplace tools and fireplace accessories are useful, they are certainly not necessary. If, however, you want to improve your fireplace as much as you can, the experts at Dress Your Space have a range of fireplace accessories that can help you.

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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