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Introducing our NEW Reclaimed Indoor Furniture Collection

by Christine Bernardo May 25, 2019

Introducing our NEW Reclaimed Indoor Furniture Collection

Why choose to buy reclaimed furniture? For many people, having wood that’s rich in history and character adds a certain beauty, charm and story to their surroundings. For some, it’s the conservation element that makes reclaimed wood their only choice. Whilst others simply choose reclaimed wood for its durability and strength.

Beautiful rustic furniture can be made from old wood. It’s difficult to distress new virgin wood to give it the look and character of authentic reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood furniture looks equally as good in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is high-quality 'upcycled' wood that’s been taken from various sources like factories, old barns, retired ships, stock farms, warehouses, factories & more.

Why should you buy Reclaimed Furniture?

  • You have a love for the environment but don't want to sacrifice style
  • You love to give old wood new life
  • You have a passion to preserve history
  • You love the character of reclaimed wood
  • You can't buy old growth wood anymore
  • You want the most durable, stable and strong wood available
  • You like the look & use of wider planks of wood
  • You have a flair for uniqueness or originality 

The DYS Reclaimed Indoor Furniture Collection:

At Dress Your Space, the majority of our Outdoor Timber Furniture is made from reclaimed wood and we are now excited to introduce the NEW PGT Reclaimed Furniture to our Indoor Collection. 

Each piece of furniture is hand made, using only selected recycled or reclaimed solid wood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This re purposed wood has been subjected to a very specific renovation and kiln drying procedure, then hand finished and polished, using top quality sustainable finishing materials, to create or enhance a genuine aged patina, showing marks, subtle scratches and cracks of previous use. 

The finish of this unique product may be lacquered, naturally oiled or waterbase aged and rustic, which truly makes each piece unique.  The PGT Reclaimed Indoor Collection offers a 5 Years Manufacturer & Structural Warranty. 

Please visit our showroom or shop online to view the full range or contact us for further information.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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