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Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

by Christine Bernardo October 14, 2018

Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

Indoor & Outdoor RugsMake a statement in both your indoor and outdoor areas with rugs.  We have a large collection of rugs in many colours, styles, sizes and types.

Aside from the aesthetic element a rug can bring to your area, rugs can also offer practical use by stopping furniture from slipping and protect your timber floors. 
Our Rug range is predominantly sourced from India, Turkey & Egypt.  We carry a wide range of styles; Modern, Traditional, Scandi, Flat weave, Outdoor, Natural Fibre, Industrial, Hallway & Tribal/Bohemian.

Rugs are made from varying materials, click here to find out more.
Consider an outdoor rug to ground your outdoor furniture. Textile advancements in recent years have brought many quick-drying outdoor rugs to the market. Soft underfoot and rich in texture, an outdoor rug will lend the comforts of indoors to the great outdoors.
Floor Rug Placement – Living & Dining

rug placementBIG SPACE
For large rooms with furniture floating in the centre, a floor rug should be big enough so that the furniture fits completely on top without feeling cramped. Try a 300 x 400cm size floor rug.

rug placementCOVER HALFWAY
When furniture is against a wall, aim to have the front legs of all furniture on the floor rug.  Try a 300 x 400cm size floor rug.

CLEARANCErug placement
Your table and chairs should all rest on the floor rug. Always make sure there is room extending beyond all sides of the table so when the chairs are pushed back they stay on the rug.  Try a 300 x 400cm size floor rug.

rug placementSMALL SPACE
Define a small space such as a reading nook or quiet corner with a smaller size floor rug.  Try 160 x 230cm size floor rug.

rug placement
Smaller floor rugs can be used just under the coffee table to define specific seating areas.


Same rules apply to these shapes remember to make sure there is room extending beyond all sides of the table so when chairs are pushed back they stay on the floor rug.  Try a 250cm dia size floor rug.

Floor Rug Placement – Bedroom

rug  placement FRAME YOUR BED
Your floor rug should extend around the bed for a cosy look.  Try a 200 x 300cm size floor rug.

rug placementSMALLER RUG
Try putting a floor rug part way under a bed for a unique look.

rug placementLARGER BEDROOM
Place a floor rug lengthwise down each side of the bed to create a luxurious sanctuary.  Try a 160 x 230cm size floor rug.

Come and visit us in store to find your inspiration or for a consultation, alternatively browse our rug selection online.  If you have any queries please call or contact us at

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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