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Ideas for making the most of your small Balcony or Outdoor Space

by Christine Bernardo February 02, 2019

Ideas for making the most of your small Balcony or Outdoor Space

Living in an apartment or home with a small patio or balcony doesn't mean you can't create the perfect functional outdoor space.

Balconies or patio's in particular, are closely connected and often viewed from the interior of a house, so consider a style that will flow through easily from inside to out.  Use of outdoor rugs, cushions and weather resistant accessories that tie in well with your indoor styling, will help to create a seamless transition from the inside to the outside.

Plants and pots in different sizes to create a multi layered look around the balcony, can help to create a garden like look and feel.  If space is very limited use plants that can be hung from the ceiling.

Bare walls can be a great way to create a wall garden, hang some lattice,  add climbing plants, create a planter wall or add a wicker planter box to create a lush lively area.  Walls are also a great way to also add storage or a display by installing shelves.

Custom screens or panels will add a design feature to your space and also a level of privacy if needed.

Once you decide on the core function of the space you can select the right type of furniture.  A simple three piece bistro set, a bench seat,a jack & jill set  are great for tight spaces or a balcony/bar setting will give you the height you need for taking advantage of the views and are generally narrower or smaller than the usual dining setting.  Positioning a table right up against a wall or balustrade can also be a solution for tighter areas.

If lack of shade or cover is a concern, a small sized cafe umbrella or a wall mounted umbrella can do the trick.

There is no space too big or too small, let us help you find the right decor and furniture solutions to make the most of your outdoor space!  Visit us in store, email or contact us online.


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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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