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How to Decorate Your Child’s Room with New Furniture

by Christine Bernardo March 27, 2023

How to Decorate Your Child’s Room with New Furniture

Decorating your child’s room is an exciting time, allowing you to work with them to create a comfortable and happy space that reflects their personality and interests. At Dress Your Space, our rugs store has a stunning selection of indoor furniture pieces that can help you to furnish your child’s room with high quality and durable pieces. 

Bayliss Rugs 

Our selection of Bayliss rugs are an exclusive style of rug that come in a variety of creative designs perfect for decorating your child’s bedroom. Setting new trends in floor coverings across the country, Bayliss rugs are a great addition for a comfortable and stylish piece perfect for play or relaxation in the bedroom. With colour and size options, you will be able to find a rug that complements the aesthetics of the room and suits your other furniture pieces. 

Children’s Rugs Geelong

When it comes to providing a comfortable flooring option for your child’s room, a fun rug can make all the difference. Our rug range allows you to choose from round rugs, cow hides, flat weave, natural fibre rugs and more, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to finding a piece suitable to your space. Perfect for placing underneath children’s furniture pieces or for protecting the floor in a play space, a rug is an important part of decorating your child’s room.

Comfort from Cushions

The decoration process isn’t complete without a selection of cushions. Offering the best in comfort and style, our cushion range is perfect for a reading nook or if lounging on the bed. With a variety of colours and materials to select from, cushions are a fun, decorative piece to add to your child’s bedroom for a mix of comfort and style. Visit our team in store for advice on selecting the best decorative pieces to meet your needs and the aesthetics of your indoor space. 

The Dress Your Space rugs store has a large collection to choose from. To view our rugs for sale online, visit us online or call us on 03 5244 1720.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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