How to Clean & Care for a Hanging Egg Chair

by Christine Bernardo January 03, 2023

Modern black rattan lounger hanging egg chair with orange pillow in the garden.

All furniture requires some cleaning and care from time to time, and a hanging egg chair is no different. While the egg chairs we stock at Dress Your Space in Geelong are made from durable materials capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, minor maintenance helps to keep them in their prime. Here are our expert care and cleaning tips.

Prevent Rubbing

Prevent unnecessary wear and tear to the material by ensuring your hanging egg chair isn’t rubbing against a wall or other abrasive surface. The tilt of the egg chair will depend on the person’s weight so it pays to keep this in mind.

Brush Down Periodically

If you have an outdoor hanging chair, brush off any accumulated leaves, dust and other debris every couple of months to prevent potential stains. In Autumn, you may need to brush fallen leaves off more often. It may also be helpful to vacuum to ensure any loose dirt and dust is removed.

Wipe Down with Soapy Water

Use a soft cloth or sponge to gently wipe down your egg chair with warm, mildly soapy water when required. There’s no need to wet the material too much, so keep your cloth or sponge damp, not dripping wet. Avoid any harsh chemicals, such as solvents, acids and bleach, as they may cause discolouration.

Clean Cushion Covers

Remove cushion covers for washing every three months or more frequently depending on usage and weather exposure. Follow the care label for safe washing and drying instructions. If rainy weather is forecasted, keep cushions indoors or at least out of the rain.

Check Metal Components

Screws and fixings on egg chairs can be prone to rust if exposed to significant rain or damp conditions. Treat any metal components with a rust converter or a dab of paint to keep them rust free. Use a lubricant when needed to keep components well-conditioned throughout the year.

Hanging Egg Chairs from Outdoor Furniture Store, Geelong

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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