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How to choose bar stools - some handy tips

by Christine Bernardo February 18, 2019

How to choose bar stools - some handy tips

Choosing the right kitchen/bar stool is often very tricky, getting the right balance between style and functionality but also finding the on trend and statement -making bar stool can be a challenge!

Bar stools come in many sizes, shapes, designs, and styles so you’ll want to consider the following when selecting the right stool..

The first step is to measure! The bar stool should generally be about 25-30cm from the bottom of your bench/bar surface to the top of the seat. (This will give you plenty of space to sit at the bench/bar, with or without your legs crossed, and feel comfortable). A standard height for a bar stool is around 65cm and the standard height of a bench counter is around 90cm.

Comfort - Are you or your guests going to be sitting in the stools for extended periods of time? If so, you might consider getting a stool with a back, which will much more comfortable than a backless bar stool and offers a little more back support. Also, you may also consider choosing a stool that has a comfortable cushion seat. If you are choosing a style with a footrest, make sure your feet can reach the footrest and ensure the angle of your thighs on the seat is comfy. Of course, you need to take into consideration if you’re on the slightly shorter side then perhaps a shorter stool is the right move, and vice versa for those with longer legs.

Size of your space – If you are limited with space, backless bar stools will be easier to stack if you have a small space, also choose a bar stool with no arms so you can slide it under the bar/bench when it’s not in use, which can open up some additional floor space.

Consider the little People
- If you have kids you may want to choose a stool that has no cushion, has a stain resistant fabric, leather or a resin seat for easy clean up. Also, an adjustable stool will be helpful so they can easily get on and off the chair and adjust the height as they grow. Added tip: ensure that the bar stools have stoppers to protect your floors but also to reduce noise factor!

– What style will suit your home? Lighter timbers will evoke a contemporary look, whilst darker timbers will reflect a more vintage look and metallic designs can enhance a more industrial look. Add some texture and warmth with timber, wicker and leather to a minimalist space. Metal or combination style bar stools will complement and contrast a timber style kitchen. Experiment with different styles for a bit of quirkiness, as long as they are in cohesion. Alternatively, add a combination of different colours in the same style bar stool for something different. When choosing colour, think about contrast or picking up other colours from your living/dining/kitchen area that will compliment or transition well into your space.

Maintenance – often overlooked, but don’t forget to scotch guard or protect any fabrics, use a leather conditioner on any leather fabrics periodically.

At Dress Your Space, we’ve got a broad range of bar stools to suit any style or space, please come in and see us in store at our Geelong Showroom to let us help you or shop our collection of bar stools online.

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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