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How to Care for Your Bayliss Rug

by Christine Bernardo September 05, 2022

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Here at Dress Your Space, we offer a wide range of premium Bayliss rugs on sale, for you to explore online or in person in our Geelong store. In this article, we go through some care and maintenance tips to keep your Bayliss rugs looking their best. 

Turn and Rotate

Both beautiful and durable, Bayliss rugs are among the best you can get in Australia. With a couple of simple routines, you can keep your rugs looking their best for longer. If your Bayliss rugs can be used on both sides, turn them over once a year. Rotate your rug once or twice a year as well, to ensure even wear and a uniform appearance on the surface.

Vacuum Cleaning

Dust and dirt particles are easily and efficiently removed from most rugs with regular vacuuming. By doing this on a regular basis, you can prevent dirt sinking deep into the rug and becoming embedded in the pile. Vacuum with a flat nozzle rather than the brush attachment to prevent damage.

Placement of Bayliss Rugs

Where you place your Bayliss rugs has a big effect on the lifespan and look of your rug over time. For example, fading can occur following long periods of direct exposure to sunlight. Placing rugs in damp or wet areas can encourage mould growth. Adjust the position of furniture sitting on top of the rug every week or so to even out wear.

How to Remove Stains

Address any stains immediately for best results. Use absorbent paper towel or a cotton cloth to dab liquid spills. Avoid rubbing in circular motions while applying pressure. Let coarse dirt spills like soil dry before vacuuming them. If stains persist, consult professional carpet cleaners.

Tips for Certain Materials

Bayliss rugs are produced using premium quality fibres, which vary depending on the individual rug you purchase. Below are some fibre specific care tips:

  • Wool: pilling or shedding is normal for rugs made with wool. Don’t pull excess fibres out. Instead, trim them with a pair of scissors.
  • Viscose: once exposed to moisture or liquid spills, viscose never has the same appearance.
  • Cowhide: avoid using cowhide rugs in high traffic and carpeted areas, as they are prone to immediate wear and tear eventuating in bare patches.
  • Natural fibres: sisal, jute and hemp rugs all change in appearance over time, especially with sun exposure.

Rugs for Sale Online and in Geelong

At Dress Your Space, we have a wide variety of rugs for sale online and in our Geelong store along with quality outdoor and indoor furniture and much more. Visit our large showroom in Geelong or see Bayliss rugs on sale online with our fast and affordable shipping service.


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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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