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How to Build Ceiling Support for a Hanging Egg Chair

by Christine Bernardo December 20, 2022

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A hanging egg chair is a great addition to any space where you want to add a relaxing, eye catching piece of furniture from living spaces and patios to even your bedroom or home office. There are some factors to consider, however, if you plan on hanging your egg chair from the ceiling. At Dress Your Space, we supply a variety of outdoor furniture Geelong homeowners will love, including egg chairs. Here are our tips on hanging an egg chair.

Will Your Ceiling Support the Hanging Egg Chair?

First, make sure the ceiling or support beam from which you plan to hang your egg chair will be able to support the weight of a human and the chair. A visible support beam on a ceiling or pergola is ideal as you can easily see where to hang it. Egg chairs must be hung from the exact centre of the beam.

When hanging from a plasterboard ceiling, you’ll first need to locate a ceiling joist. Plasterboard on its own will not support a hanging egg chair.

Installing Your Hanging Egg Chair

Using a stud finder, locate the centre of the ceiling joist and mark its location. Using the mark you made in the centre of the joist, drill a 10 cm hole into it before screwing an eye hook screw into the hole. Attach the rope to the hook and fix the other end onto the top of the hanging egg chair. Each hanging egg chair will differ in how it's connected but will usually come with specific instructions.

Freestanding Egg Chairs

If you're not comfortable installing a hanging egg chair from the ceiling or there are limited areas to do so, there are alternatives. From a functional standpoint, a freestanding egg chair offers the same benefits as a hanging egg chair, while offering flexibility and simplicity in terms of installation. They are also far simpler to put together using the included instructions, parts and tools.

Freestanding egg chairs can be placed just about anywhere indoors or outdoors, offering more flexibility compared to the relative limitations of where you can install ceiling hoisted egg chairs.

Hanging Egg Chairs from Dress Your Space

Dress Your Space has a range of outdoor furniture Geelong homeowners can use to revitalise their homes, including hanging egg chairs. Visit our showroom in Geelong or explore our range online and enjoy fast and affordable shipping for your orders. Call us today on 03 5244 1720 or contact us online for more information or advice.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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