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How to Avoid Disasters in Mismatching Furniture Styles

by Christine Bernardo May 01, 2023

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Not everyone is an interior designer and sometimes it is easy to make design mistakes when we are unsure of the best process. With small changes to be made when it comes to mixing colours and textures, you can easily avoid clashes when working with mismatched furniture styles and have your indoor space looking balanced and cohesive in a professional manner.

Create Cohesion with Neutrals 

As you collect furniture pieces, you may find that the colours and materials differ slightly, but this can easily be resolved. If you have a range of future pieces that don’t fit well together, focus on a dominant colour throughout to create a more balanced and cohesive look. You can select from a range of cushions in neutral colours or opt for a traditional rug that helps to make your space look more put together.

The Rule of Three

If you find yourself with a furniture piece that stands out due to its bright colour or texture, try to add two other pieces of a similar style. This way, you will draw attention away from the singular piece and have it look more suited to your space. For example, a blue nightstand can be complemented by a blue photo frame and blue cushions. By grouping these colours into three, you can make it work in your indoor space and the brighter colours will no longer look out of place.

Working with Fireplaces

Not every indoor space suits a fireplace, which is why there are some steps to consider when it comes to installing a wood heated fireplace. When choosing how to style a fireplace, focus on the function of the living space. For a formal set up, symmetry is key, with matching sofas facing each other and armchairs facing the fireplace. Alternatively, a more casual set up might involve a corner sofa and side table, suitable for watching TV or lounging by the fire. Don’t forget to invest in quality fireplace tools and fireplace accessories to keep it in the best working condition.

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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