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Do Hanging Egg Chairs Need Ceiling Installation?

by Christine Bernardo December 13, 2022

Rattan oval hanging chair with pillow in tropical print.

A hanging egg chair is a fantastic option for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your indoor and outdoor living spaces. While some brands of outdoor egg chair require manual securing to ceiling joists, you can also get freestanding egg chairs from Dress Your Space in Geelong, making installation even easier. Read on to learn about our range.

Ceiling vs Freestanding Egg Chairs

Living rooms and patios are the most popular places in which to hang egg chairs from the ceiling. You do need to find an appropriate location based on the flow of a room as well as a point where there is a support beam strong enough to support the weight of a hanging egg chair. You can also hang your egg chair from a tree in your backyard if it features a strong, straight branch to support your new chair.

Alternatively, a freestanding egg chair works as a simple, flexible option that allows you to position it in any indoor or outdoor space you’d like it in. Chairs that need to be hoisted from above can limit your installation choices. Freestanding egg chairs, however, offer more styling options. A freestanding outdoor egg chair can easily be put together yourself, as it comes with included instructions, parts and tools.

Comfy and Convenient

A hanging egg chair is incredibly comfortable and adds a certain ambiance to any space in your home. You can lounge in them as you would a swing, leaning against the back of the egg and letting yourself sway in the breeze by day or night. The compact nature of freestanding egg chairs makes them perfect for the corners and little nooks in your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Hanging Egg Chairs from Dress Your Space

Whether you use a stand for your chair or suspend it from above, a hanging egg chair is a great addition to any home. Dress Your Space is an indoor and outdoor furniture store with a huge range to choose from to create the perfect home decor. Visit our showroom in Geelong or explore our range online and enjoy fast and affordable shipping for your orders. Call us today on 03 5244 1720 or contact us online for more information or help.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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