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Custom-Made Furniture Covers? Dress Your Space Has Got You Covered!

by Christine Bernardo August 15, 2022

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For your outdoor furniture to last, it is important that you keep it properly protected from the outdoor elements. Whether it is exposed to the hot Australian summer, or the cold and wet Victorian winters, your furniture will be eventually destroyed, if it is not looked after properly. The sun will cause the pigment to fade, while the winter winds and rain will batter and destroy the materials. Read on to find out how furniture coverings can help protect your outdoor sets, as well as how the team at Dress Your Space can help with our customised covers available in Geelong.

Outdoor Chair Covers

Not all outdoor furniture it specifically made to withstand the outdoor conditions. Furthermore, we often find ourselves wanting to put furniture pieces, such as couches and lounge chairs, outside to enjoy the warm sun in comfort. To protect things like outdoor couches and chairs, outdoor chair covers can do wonders! No matter the size, style, or shape of your chair, we will have the right outdoor chair covers to protect your furnishings.

Outdoor Table Covers

Protect your dining set with quality and reliable outdoor table covers. With a good cover that you know will protect your table, you can choose different types of tables and dinging sets that you otherwise wouldn’t use outside, such as wood.

Customised Outdoor Furniture Covers

At Dress Your Space, we can custom-make a range of outdoor furniture covers to fit any shape or size of furniture. We make all our covers with highly durable materials, giving you peace of mind that your outdoor furnishings will be protected. We also provide a range of ready-made covers, allowing you to browse our store online or in person and make your purchase straight away!

To learn more about quality outdoor furniture covers, contact us online or give us a call on 0352 441 720.


Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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