5 Home Decorating Benefits of a Quality Rug

by Christine Bernardo June 06, 2022

5 Home Decorating Benefits of a Quality Rug

There are many benefits to adding a cosy, beautiful, high-quality rug to your indoor or outdoor area. The design experts here at Dress Your Space are here to tell you why you should invest in a beautiful rug for your Geelong home. Increase the personality, the aesthetics and the environment of your space and shop rugs Geelong today.

Rugs Brighten up the Space

Firstly, an indoor rug will brighten up your space, whether it be the living room, the cosy lounge, or an accent for your bathroom. Choose something that goes with you décor. If you have modern, minimal furniture, why not choose a patterned rug? If you already have a lot going on in your interior, choose a plain colour, such as beige. 

Adds Comfort to an Outdoor Area

You can even pop a rug in your outdoor area. Why not try one of our stunning outdoor rugs from the collection and brighten up your patio, your deck, or your balcony. Don’t worry, all our outdoor rugs are also waterproof!

Looks and Feels Cosy

As well as looking like a cosy space, your rug will now make your room or outdoor area feel cosy. This is your home, your personalised space, so it’s important to feel comfortable and cosy (especially in the colder months).

Adds Warmth in Winter

Speaking of the colder months, rugs will add warmth and insulation into your space, especially if you have floorboards or tiles in your home. Keep your feet warm, your pets warm and save money on heating costs. 

Decreases Noise

Did you know that rugs also decrease the noise within your home? Due to an added protective layer, rugs will act as insulation from noise, especially from the sound of feet on floorboards.

Shop Rugs for Sale Online in Geelong

Looking for quality rugs for sale online? Look no further than the home of rugs Geelong: Dress Your Space! You can browse our rug collection here or contact us online with any requests. Alternatively, give us a call on 03 5244 1720.

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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