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10 tips to avoid self isolation boredom & stay healthy!

by Christine Bernardo April 04, 2020

10 tips to avoid self isolation boredom & stay healthy!

It is unprecedented times, many of us are now forced to be at home due to Coronavirus.  No doubt it is a challenging time and one that requires us to remain positive and keep connected to our support network.

Since lock down was imposed, many of us are feeling stress, anxiety, boredom and disconnected, especially if you are not in a position to be currently working or working from home.

Here are some tips to help you keep busy, spend some quality time with your family, remain calm and healthy in the physical constraints of your home:

10 tips to avoid self isolation boredom & stay healthy!

1. Check in with friends and family regularly via phone, apps or email. Use apps like Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype to help you connect visually if you can.  If you have older family, friends or neighbours, get in touch and help them if needed.

2. Stay healthy. Eat well, keep hydrated and exercise.  Go for a walk with family or on your own at least daily.  There are plenty of free apps offering work outs and healthy food recipe ideas.  

3. Healthy mind. It's so important to remain positive and foster good mental health habits. Give your mind a break from the Coronavirus and family (if needed).  Download & use mindfulness apps like Smiling Mind.

4. De-clutter your home.  Clean out your pantry & fridge.  Reorganise your wardrobe. Sort out your children's play area's.  Donate any unwanted goods or get listing those items you no longer require online for sale and make some extra cash!  You will feel great doing a good deed and/or potentially bring in some extra well needed money.

5. Give your outdoors some love.  Tidy up your garden, add some new plants or create a new veggie patch.   Get the kids involved!  Plants not only look great but provide some stress relief.  Does your outdoor furniture need some love and attention?  Time for a new setting or lounge to make your extra time outdoors more enjoyable?   Dress Your Space can help with outdoor furniture and homewares for all budgets. Non contact Delivery & Pick up available.

6. Give your indoors a make-over and keep it clean.  Candles & Diffusers are a great addition to improve ambience and keep your home smelling divine.  Have you been thinking about a style make over or updating your current furniture?  Dress Your Space can help with indoor furniture and homewares for all budgets  Non contact Delivery & Pick up available.

7. Watch Movies, Documentaries & TV Series.  Have you been wanting to catch up on any movies or tv shows?  I for one have never seen Star Wars.  I hear you gasp!  The time is right.  Subscribe to Netfix, Stan or Hayu.  Designate a few nights a week to family movie nights, break out the popcorn and catch up on an old Disney Classic.  Documentaries can be a great learning tool for the whole family.

8. Read those Books on your shelf.  Are you guilty of buying of books you have never read?  Like a movie so much but never read the book?  Wanted to read a book but never purchased it?  Get online now and either buy a hard copy or subscribe to an e-book version.  Get on it!  Who knows you may discover a passion for reading or re-ignite a lost past time.

9. Play time.  We all love the digital age, but if you are looking to get away from the ipad and the Playstation why not get out those old board games or get some new ones.  Keep yourself and the family entertained for hours (but be warned a family monopoly game may not end well!).  Puzzles are a great way to progressively work on something and keep the mind busy. If you have young kids, crafts like making playdough or cooking together is always a great way to get busy.  Get outdoors for sport activities or old school simplicity like lawn bowls, sack races or hopscotch.

10. Get onto the odd jobs list.  Does your home need repairs or have you been meaning to fix that broken door or seal a crack?   I know I have one and I really feel sorry for all those husbands that proclaimed "they will do it when they have time!"  No excuses now!

From the team at Dress Your Space, we send you positive vibes your way, we hope you remain healthy and do your bit to stay home!

10 tips to avoid self isolation boredom & stay healthy!

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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