10 Decorating Tricks for Your Fireplace

by Christine Bernardo June 13, 2022

Beautiful view of cozy living room interior with modern fireplace

Here at Dress Your Space, we love a cosy fireplace in our Geelong home. Whether it’s a crackling fire with a good book or a chilly autumn night outside with friends, fireplaces can really make the evening something special. Although staring into the flames is aesthetic enough, we are here to tell you our top 10 decorating tricks for your indoor or outdoor fireplace.

1. Make Use of a Non-Functional Fireplace

Firstly, if your indoor fireplace is non-functional, you can still make it look like an aesthetic feature! Consider filling up the space with books, adding a huge indoor plant or keeping your firewood there for your outdoor firepit.

2. Add Indoor Plants

Surround the area with green, green, green! There is nothing better than the conjunction of natural elements in an indoor space.

3. Choose a Quality Firewood Stand

If your fireplace is outdoors, keep the red back spiders away with the quality Hank Andrews Outdoor Wood Rack. For small indoor fireplaces in modern homes, choose an aesthetic, practical accent like the Tom Horn Log Rack in White. 

4. Add Books to the Space

If you have a mantle atop the fireplace, consider using this space to showcase your favourite books and really turn up the cosy level.

5. Make Sure Your Fireplace Tools Match the Décor

When it comes to fireplace tools and fireplace accessories, making sure that they match your décor is important. This is so the fireplace stands out as a feature, but also blends in with the rest of the room. Take into consideration: if your home is industrial, choose black fireplace tools. If your décor is mostly light neutrals, choose white fireplace tools

6. Consider a Euro Fireplace

No fireplace in your home? Consider a Euro fireplace such as the modern Olbia Wood Fireplace.

7. Choose an Aesthetic Log Holder

For homes with wood accents, why not choose fireplace accessories that compliment, such as the Sam Bass Log Holder for next to the fireplace.

8. Keep the Space Neat & Tidy

Always vacuum, sweep, and dust near the fireplace. Keeping the space clean and tidy will dramatically improve the cosiness of the space.

9. Hang an Artwork

Consider hanging your favourite piece of artwork above the fire, to really make the whole wall a feature of the room.

10. Make the Space an Interior Feature

Using fireplace tools and accessories that match the furniture, compliment the draperies and offset the natural light of daytime, will really make your fireplace a feature of the room. Enhance this and your whole house will feel more like a home.

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Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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