Key Tips for Choosing Fire Wood

by Christine Bernardo June 18, 2019

Key Tips for Choosing Fire Wood

Choosing the right fire wood is important so that your Wood Heater burns more efficiently. 

Make sure you select the right wood so that you are able to enjoy your Wood Heater to it's full potential in the coming cooler months.  Wood heaters operate best when wood is well seasoned.

The important aspect of firewood is dryness and size. Wood with high moisture content will not provide a hot burn and larger (thicker) logs will need more combustion air that will result in heat loss through the flue.

Spring or Summer is the best time to buy your firewood.  See below for further tips for choosing the right fire wood*:

  • Ensure you split your wood or purchase split wood
  • Allow your wood to dry naturally in sun and wind
  • Store your wood for at least 12 months after delivery and store undercover in a dry, ventilated area
  • Wood stored on pallets or in a criss-crossed fashion allows air to circulate freely
  • Use a moisturemeter to measure your wood
  • Measure from the inner core of your wood for best results
  • Ensure that your wood is between 15-20% moisture
  • Never use treated pine or painted wood, a hard wood is ideal

Dress Your Space offer a range of beautifully designed Euro Fireplace Wood Heaters.  A Euro Fireplace needs primary air only to start the fire. Secondary air from the top of the fire chamber (after the fire is established) will give a complete combustion; therefore, in a Euro Fireplace smaller logs will burn hotter, longer and cleaner.  Euro Fireplaces are optimized for Australian wood and heating conditions, every aspect of the design is geared towards harvesting the most heat from the least wood resulting in wood savings of up to 60%.

Please contact us if you require any advice or assistance with choosing the best fire wood, if you are interested in upgrading and existing wood heater or installing a new one, why not get a Euro?

*Source - Australia Home Heating Association

Christine Bernardo
Christine Bernardo


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